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 Your specialist for JAWA and MZ spare parts

On ost2rad.com you can not only find original GDR spare parts, especially for the models ES, ETZ, ETS and TS, you can also get an extensive service for all MZ and JAWA (Mustang, Pionyr, 354,353, 638) bikes. In case rare MZ spare parts are not available anymore, we manufacture these parts in our workshop.

JAWA spare parts

In addition to the classic spare part range for JAWA 353, 354, 356, 360, 638, 639 and 640, JAWA friends can also find spare parts for JAWA CZ and JAWA mopeds, such as Pionýr and Mustang Type 23. Because of our extensive product range we’re not able to offer all our articles online. If you can’t find spare parts you need in our online shop, please feel free to contact us by e-mail. 

MZ spare parts

On ost2rad.com you can obtain MZ spare parts for all models up to year 1992 including  top-notch MZ spare parts for the models RT125, ES125, ES125, ES175, ES250, ES250/1, ES250/2, ETS125, ETS150, ETS250, TS125, TS150, TS250, TS250/1, ETZ125, ETZ150, ETZ250, ETZ25 and ETZ301. Beyond that, we offer replica parts from our own workshop as well as wholesale parts.  Our MZ parts range from cylinders and sidecars to sealing gaskets, shafts, benches and electronics. All our MZ parts meet highest quality standards.

SIMSON spare parts

We have SIMSON parts for all models up to year 1994 including Spatz, Star, Sperber, Habicht and Schwalbe KR51 as well as the models S50, S51, S70, S53, SR50, SR80, SR1, SR2 and AWO. These parts are not included in our online shop. If you are interested in SIMSON parts, please forward an e-mail.


Our products can be ordered as follows: Online shop: by bank transfer, check, credit card, cash before delivery or PayPal.  Additionally via e-mail or fax. See our contact data under "Contact".
Delivery charges for UK are 11 Euros, for US 50 Euros. For all other countries, please ask or see "Payment & Delivery" on the left side. No minimum order quantity!


Our advice

Brake disc MZ ETZ 251, 301 and KANUNI
67,00 EUR
Flasher electronics MZ and Simson 12V 1-50W
14,00 EUR
Pinion, small chainwheel Jawa 250 - 350 cubic centimetres
19,90 EUR
Cylinder + piston ETZ 125
Shippingtime: ca. 1 Week
145,20 EUR
Driving plate, clutch disk JAWA 350, model 354
4,50 EUR
Cable set, cable harness ETZ with revolution counter
61,30 EUR
Piston set 58,00mm JAWA 350ccm Typ 354, 360
56,80 EUR
Armature speedometer revolution counter for MZ and Kanuni ETZ 251, 301
138,10 EUR
Proposition 0.40 to 1.50 mm nozzle
Shippingtime: ca. 1 Week
22,10 EUR

New product

Tank 2. Wahl passend für SIMSON S51 S70 silber
119,00 EUR
Gewindestift für Seitenklappe IWL Berlin
12,00 EUR
Schmiernippel 90° abgewinkelt M6 IWL SR56 Pitty SR59 TR150
2,15 EUR